The Art of Teaching

In the Waldorf classroom subject matter is

introduced to children through stories and

the arts. Through music, drama, drawing

and painting, otherwise dry information

becomes alive and is experienced deeply by the child. As a result Waldorf students develop a life long love for learning.Waldorf teachers strive to transform education into an art that educates the whole child. There are three levels of learning that take place during a lesson. First there is the cognitive level at which creative, critical and independent thinking is developed in a manner in harmony with the developmental phases of the learners.


Secondly the affective level at which more subjective, feeling-based learning is possible allowing the student to relate to the subject and others through sensitive interaction. Thirdly the student is engaged on a motivational/psycho-motor level at which the active, engaging will of the learner is stimulated and developed.


This approach results in students developing the necessary capacities in their thinking, feeling and willing in order to take their place as fully functional adults in this world and to lead a life which is deeply meaningful and fulfilling.

Waldorf Education