"Waldorf students are encouraged to live with self-assurance, a reverence for life and a sense of service."
Ernest Boyer, President, Carnegie Institute for the Advancement of Teaching, Former U.S. Commissioner of Education

The Village Waldorf School

We are a vibrant, growing, community

school situated in the picturesque suburb

of Rietvallei, near Irene, Pretoria.


We offer a beautiful safe haven for children to develop their inner potential and their unique capacities. As a Waldorf School our approach to education is based on and appropriate for each developmental phase of childhood and encourages the child’s sense of truth, beauty and goodness. Our aim is to inspire a lifelong love of learning in our children and a secure sense of their place in our community.


We have an experienced committed teachers’ body that are dedicated to our children - working towards creating an inner enthusiasm for learning and encouraging motivation to naturally arise from within. Our teachers realise the importance of recognising that a child is essentially a spiritual being consisting of the three faculties of willing, feeling, and thinking. Our teachers strive to acknowledge and nurture every aspect of the child through a methodology and curriculum infused with artistic activities.


About Us